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  Domain name registration, hosting, DNS, servers, your website ... what they are and how they are all connected (let alone making them all work together) is a complex and overwhelmingly confusing area for most people setting up a new website.

About Time offers and provides Domain Registration services for our clients, making your life simple and taking care of the hassle for you.

Keeping it simple and making your new website design an enjoyable experience is what we do. At no extra cost to you, and with FREE registration to boot, does it get any better than this? We don't think so!

Enjoy our NEW Website!
We've come a long way in the past eight years, and our new site now features many of the new services we can provide you!

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- Theodore Roosevelt

Domain Name Registration

Domain Registration Services - Taking care of the hassle for you.

  • FREE first year Domain Name Registration! No setup fees!
  • FREE Privacy benefits, keeping your personal information offline.
  • A Simple, Easy, and Hassle-Free experience for you.

No matter what we say, what really matters is what we produce. Our work says more than we ever could about ourselves. Our quality of work and the results we produce speak for themselves!

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What is a URL or a Domain Name?

A URL is a Uniform Resource Locator, the global address of resources and other documents on the World Wide Web.
The URL, your entire address, looks like this:  http://www.YOUR_NAME_HERE.com
A Domain Name will appear as a component of a website's URL.
The Domain Name is this part of the URL:  YOUR_NAME_HERE.com

Why do you need a Domain Name?

Acquiring a domain name is the first step towards creating a web presence. You need an 'address' to direct visitors to your website - much like a business needs a street address to direct clients to their store location.
Your Domain Name is your address or location on the internet. It is also is what potential clients will view as your name and identity. Domain names are unique and individual, like fingerprints - no two are the same. So there will be no one else that has the same name as you anywhere in the world. It's impossible for two or more people to have the same domain name.

If you already have your own Domain Name:

You may already have a domain name/s registered for yourself. If so, great!
When we design your new website, you will need to have access to your domain name to update your DNS (Domain Name Servers) so your domain will direct to your new website. If you have no clue what we're talking about, you can provide us with your registrar address, your login, and your password, and we can update your DNS for you. Time will be billed at our normal hourly rate.

If you need one, how do you get your own Domain Name?

If you need a domain name, your first step is to choose your domain name, and make sure it is available (not already registered by someone else). There are several things to consider when choosing a domain name:
  1. Your Domain Name should be Easy to Remember.
    Many people do not bookmark websites. If you want them to find your website, and come back to visit again, it is important that they are able to remember the name of your website to be able to find it again.
  2. Your Domain name should be Short and Simple.
    Remember potential clients will have to spell and type your domain name (CORRECTLY) to reach your website. Whether you verbally give a potential client your domain over the phone, or hand them a business card and they type it in on their own, think about this: The more they have to type, the more chance they will mistype and not end up on your website.
    Long drawn out names are asking for lost business. Remember the three S's when brainstorming for your new domain name: Short, Smart, and Significant (.com)!
  3. Your Domain Name should be Relevant to your website.
    For example, a kennel website domain might contain the kennel name, and the breed of dog.
    So ABC kennel, raising mutt dogs, might look for the domain name www.ABCMutts.com.
  4. Common extensions are best.
    You have the option to use different extensions, but remember, the most common thing folks think of when they think domain name is .com - .net is the second best. There are now many additional extensions available as well such as: .net, .info, .us, .org, etc... the problem is your potential client may not remember that YOUR address ends in '.something-or-other' and when they simply type in your address'.com' your competition will end up with your business.
  5. Avoid misspellings, symbols, and dashes.
    While this may get you a domain name similar to what you wanted (that was likely already taken), potential clients are not going to remember how you misspelled your name or what tricky symbols you put in it. Again, you will loose your business when clients type in the accurate spelling and end up at your competition's website instead of yours.

Registering Your Domain Name:

Once you have chosen a domain name that is available, your next step it to get it registered so that you own it.
You have two options to register your domain name:

You can find and choose a domain name registrar, and register the domain name yourself. This can cost you anywhere from $9.00 to $75.00 per year... or more, depending on the company. Once you have your domain name registered, you will need to update your DNS and domain information to direct your new domain name to your new website.

About Time will take care of the Domain Registration process for you.

We take all the hassle out of it and make things simple and painless! We provide Domain Registration services for our clients for the low price of $15.00/year.
  • We will provide your first year's domain name registration FOR FREE to each of our clients with a new design!
  • We will talk to you about your needs, help you choose a good domain name, and find one that is available.
  • We will register the domain name for you, saving you the hassle of the process and one more account to deal with.
  • We will update domain name information as needed, and update your DNS to make sure your domain is always directing to your website.
  • We will register the domain under our About Time Design account information - so that all your personal information is not publicly displayed on the internet who-is regarding your domain name.
  • We will provide you with a domain registration invoice once a year for $15.00, and will provide you with a paid receipt following each invoice.

Each domain name registered for our clients is registered under our main About Time Design account. This provides several benefits to our clients. Your personal information is not made publicly available thru the who-is database, a much appreciated privacy feature that you normally have to pay extra for with a registrar.

Each of our webdesign clients that opts to have us handle the registration and renewal process of their domain names still owns their own domain name. These domains are registered and listed under our company (About Time Design) as long as we are handling the domain registration for our client. Our clients are invoiced $15.00 each year to pay for the registration of their domains and are provided a receipt showing proof of payment for their domain name. Each client owns their domain name, we simply take the hassle out of the registration and update process as a service to our clients.

Advantages we offer you in Domain Name Registration:

• FREE Domain Name Registration for the first year, with any new design.
• FREE Privacy, keeping your personal/private information from being publicly listed.
• Help choosing an effective, productive and relevant domain name.
• A simple, easy, and hassle-free registration experience for you.
• Avoid the hassle of updating DNS, and maintaining information etc.

Any client's domain name registered by us is available to be transferred to an account in the client's name on request at any time. If a client is unable to update their domain name information as needed on their own, we will provide assistance in updating the information, billed at our normal hourly rate.


About Time Design specializes in providing you with quality Advertising & Marketing Solutions.
Our work includes Website Design, Print/Online Ads (magazines, newspapers, newsletters etc), Logos, Banners, Flyers, Brochures, Custom Website Graphic Sets and/or Images, Business Cards, Online Magazines, Digital Photography Enhancement, Content Writing / Editing services, and more. We also offer basic instruction on using a computer, digital camera, or scanner.

Our Graphic Design work is both creative and imaginative, as well as business focused and methodical. Our services are available for a variety of graphic design based projects, and we can offer a range of graphic and print solutions for individuals and businesses. Speed, efficiency, quality of service, and great work are just a few of our priorities, not to forget our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Presenting your goods and services in the best light possible, with all the necessary elements to generate responses from potential customers, is a very specialized skill. This is something we, at About Time Design, are very good at.


Why Choose Us:

OK, so you're looking for a design. We'll make things Simple for you. Have you been dreading thinking about the traditional confusing, overwhelming & stressful Design Process? Think Again.

Our clients come to us for designs and marketing solutions, they leave our friends. It's more than just a transaction between two people. It's a bond we call friendship. We offer more than just a design that gets you results. We offer you continuous service. You'll notice it from the beginning, and you'll keep coming back.

We research our client's needs. We understand their requirements. We do the groundwork to create a uniquely targeted design to market to their target audiences. We call it caring.

We believe our clients are individual people, not just numbers.

So, we're a little bit different here.
Some call us abnormal... But we're OK with that!
(and we think once you get to know us, you will be too).

Why We Are Better:

Designing a website or creating productive marketing solutions is a big step. All too often the design process becomes a source of anxiety, frustration and stress. It doesn't have to be that way!

We work hard for you to develop a professional relationship with an individual personal twist for each of our clients. Our job is to understand your needs, then we do the behind-the-scenes work to get you the design you need at the best price possible. Whether you require a website creation, marketing and advertising solutions, or simply want to update and improve an existing design, don't wait any longer - get in touch with us! We give your requirements the extra care and attention needed to get you the best recognition possible in today's competitive market.

Providing that unique and distinguished edge over our competition, we're always here for you through your design process ... and still here for you after all is created and and done. Let us give you the personal individual attention you deserve, and show you how our business really stands out from the crowd.

We'll save you Time. We'll save you Money. We'll get you Results. And we'll make your experience pleasant, fun, and enjoyable while we're at it!

Plus, in case you hadn't noticed, we have quite a sense of humor as well. We tend to be a bit more fun to work with than the average run-of-the-mill cut-and-dried boring sap out there.

As personal website designers, we do website development & graphic design because we enjoy it. Because we love what we do, it is natural that we pride ourselves in doing our best for every client. Unlike an employee of a website development company, we do business with each of our clients on a personal and individual level, recognizing each of our customers as a special individual with unique needs. It's not just your imagination - We are different, and as such we are better. About Time Design - Simply The Best!

What We Do:

So we come to that mind boggling question that we ponder for hours at a time... What do we do?

We help you create a productive website and a successful marketing and advertising campaign tailored to fit your needs - an end result that that fits your needs and pocketbook, and produces results - not just looks good on paper. We help people like yourself to determine your marketing needs and set a plan in motion to reach your goal.

Whether you are looking for a first website, need to upgrade to something larger, or simply want to increase your business by re-vamping your current marketing, we're here to help figure out what's best for you and your future.

And, best of all, we talk to you as a person - like real people, one friend to another. We don't talk from "behind the desk" (at least we try not to), using terms and phrases that will leave you scratching your head and reaching for your dictionary.

We're just ordinary people that do unexpectedly extraordinary things.

A Bit About Us:

We made About Time Design successful for years without talking "About Us". How did we do that? Well, it was never supposed to be about us. It was always about our clients and their success. We simply focus on getting their websites and designs out there, and putting everything we have into building their success.

But we're bigger now, and people who aren't very familiar with our work want to know a bit more about the creative geniuses working on their new design. So, here's a bit about us and who we are, what we do, and why we're so good at it!

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